HW10 on the go presents: Jantje Fleischhut and Marcel van Kan, jewelry design

Wow, what a job, designing beautiful jewelry. For the German Jantje it was clear the day she got her first necklace, at only two years of age. From that day on she knew, she just had to make jewelry. And that she does, mainly with plastic and precious metals. With unflagging zeal she explores the possibilities of integrating plastic and precious metals in her work to visualize her interest in space travelling and communication. Her sensitive constructions bring the bright glisten of the moon just a little bit closer (nice!).

Next to jewelry Marcel also makes products (eg vases and lamps) and accessories (such as shoes and scarves). Having studied the trades of gold- and silversmith and 3D design, Marcel is constantly assimilating images, making associations and recognizing that an object is more than just its tangible appearance. It often derives its meaning from invisible associations. How human beings function, a reflection of emotions, precious memories and identity can give an object its significant meaning. And that is the meaning that Marcel wants to make visible (also nice!).

So what else do Marcel and Jantje have in common? That they recently started to share a studio in HW10!



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